had been in practise as a homeopath for sometime when I decided to also train as a reflexologist, when I became dismayed to discover that the majority of products on the market were petroleum based creams, or scented with peppermint.  This was in the summer, and lots of ladies were coming to see me with very cracked heels from wearing flip flops, so I was giving them hypericum & calendula tincture to take home and mix with olive oil and soak their feet to heel up the cracks.


I began to make my own balm using hypericum and calendula oils, sunflower oil and beeswax. This gave the perfect consistency for reflexology, enough slip to massage and glide where necessary but enough 'grip' to work the deeper reflexes. The healing oils made a difference to the quality of my clients' skin after just one treatment and the gorgeous smell would fill my treatment room.


I feel strongly that I wanted to use the best products for my clients (I am lucky to have the best clients) and I feel strongly about organic produce, so I wanted to convert my balms to organic. The improvement in quality, the lovely silky feel and the gorgeous, complex aromas of the organic essential oils just lift the balms to another level entirely.


I have since added an organic Warming Balm which helps to increase circulation without being irritating. This has also become a favourite with massage therapists and particularly sports massage therapists because of its unique texture and gentle warming action it's great for sore tired muscles and cramp. We have also found it useful for stiff and painful joints; my Mum uses it for the arthritis in her knee.


My most recent addition is Organic Rose Balm, which is now my favourite, made with organic argan, rosehip, thistle and sunflower oils and organic rose otto essential oil and it is absolutely beautiful. Light enough to use around the eyes, it is an incredibly effective moisturiser that works in the day, at night and is particularly good as a base for foundation, especially mineral foundation. Non-greasy, it balances your own skin's oil production so dry and oily patches are eliminated. It will also minimise fine lines and wrinkles, brighten the complexion and reduce redness. It should also be good for eczema and rosacea and it is now the only product I use on my face. Can you tell that I love it!