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Come and Learn RMTi - Rhythmic Movement Training

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Baby Massage & Primitive Reflex Integration

Way back when my son was born, I was

fortunate enough to learn Baby Massage

from Cherry Bond, who introduced Baby

Massage into the UK.  Some 15 years ago or so, I

learned to become a Baby Massage instructor so

that I could teach other mums.  Now that I have

learned about primitive reflexes and how

important they are for normal development of

babies, I have developed a short massage

programme to teach the basics or Baby Massage

alongside the essentials of primitive reflexes and

an explanation of why these things are so

important for development.

This programme would be particularly useful for

babies who have had a traumatic or assisted delivery, or if they were born via cesarean section.  All of which can have a profound effect on reflex integration and therefore development as a whole.

Baby Massage is known to improve sleep, digestion and bonding.  We know that it improves oxygenation in premature babies and may promote a healthy immune response.  It will also help with things like proprioception which will help reduce anxiety.  It also helps you to become more confident in handling your baby.  You can begin at any age, but some parents prefer to wait until their baby is 6 weeks.  You are welcome to feed or change your baby, I have a kettle but not a microwave and if your baby is sleepy, I have a pretend baby that you can practice on, or you can just watch.  I will provide you with handouts that you can use at home.

Primitive reflexes are the movement patterns that all babies make that help with development.  They begin inside the womb  and trigger the baby kicks the you feel, they help with the birthing process, then help finding food, rolling, crawling and eventually walking.  Retained primitive reflexes can cause issues with emotional contro, vision, hearing, reading, writing and focus and concentration.

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"Meeting Niki has changed our life. It is like she sprinkled magic powder over my very poorly boy.  He could barely get through her door with acute anxiety following a brain infection and yet she instantly bonded with him. She put no demands on him at all, did not make him 'talk' as so many had tried before, quickly reassured him he cannot do 'it' wrong, did everything with a great sense of humour and that going at his pace was the only speed she worked.  The movements are easy to do, a great time to bond with your child and I can only describe his recovery as exceeding our hopes and expectations. Our son came off all meds and has gone back to school with confidence after 2 years out.  Both body and mind can heal from within. Even the most cynical parent (my husband!) witnessed the transformation begin within days and the results are undeniable. I want to scream from the rooftops about RMT as it can and has changed lives."

Joining Me?

My name is Niki McGlynn

I am a qualified Neurodevelopment Therapist and ADHD Coach and have been working with people with ADHD, Autism and other Neurodiversity for over 20 years. As as a licensed RMTi  trainer, I also offer other courses to support adults and children in reaching their potential.

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