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Reflexology & FRT

About Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient from of foot massage that invloves applying varying pressure to specific areas of the feet which correspond to areas (or reflexes) on the body. The main benefit of reflexology is that it balances each system in the body, so it is particularly useful for musculoskeletal problems and hormonal imbalances. Reflexology has a well deserved reputation for helping with fertility, pregnancy and menopausal problems and stress related problems.


I have undertaken specialist training in fertility and pregnancy reflexology techniques and Reflexology Lymph Drainage, which is a technique that was developed for post surgical lymphodema and now appears to demonstrate relief in many chronic conditions.


For more information on RLD, please click here


A full reflexology treatment typically takes 45 minutes

About FRT (Functional Reflex Therapy)

IFunctional Reflex Therapy was developed by Lorraine Senior, to help children with ASD, learning difficulties, neurological impairment, challenging behaviours and complex health needs, however it has a wider application in both children and adults with anxiety and sleep problems. It is such a lovely treatment to both give and recieve, it is suitable for anyone and everyone! FRT can be used on both hands and feet.


I offer FRT as a standalone treatment but it is a structured treatment that is very easy for parents or partners to learn within a two session workshop that can then be offered at home or within residential care.


FRT is deeply relaxing and calming which is beneficial for everyone recieving it, however there is a noticeable improvement in transition in children with autism and less agitation in people with neurological impairment. 


There is more information about FRT here



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