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Trauma Therapy

About Trauma Therapy

Trauma is better understood than it ever has been, thanks to pioneers in psychology and neuroscience and we have a clearer understanding that it is not always possible to just talk about our problems, sometimes we don't even understand what our problems are or why we act in a certain way, why people upset us for no reason, why we can suddenly lose our temper, why we get upset on cloudy days or when we hear a certain piece of music.  We now realise that a traumatic event, or series of traumatic events can be held in the physical body and our logical mind never has the opportunity to understand or put into words things that have happened to us.  This may be because a trauma occurred before we had language, during pregnancy or birth, or before our brains had fully matured to be able process events in language, which doesn't happen until we're around seven. Or a traumatic event was so difficult for us to comprehend that our our thinking brain shut down and only our emotional, reactive brain was able to function, so we have no conscious memory, just flashes and an uneasy feeling.

These traumatic 'body memories' can cause everything form behavioural problems, to relationship problems, difficulty with focus and attention and ultimately health problems. Many auto-immune conditions can be linked to trauma.

Now living in the shadow of cove 19, we can see so many problems connecting back into old trauma or creating new traumas, wether through loss of loved ones, our own illness, social isolation, fear of contagion or any number of associated stressors, trauma therapy can gently help to easeto ease the pain and gain a sense of perspective.

Using body based (somatic) techniques developed over the last twenty years, it's possible to access those memories, process and understand them and be able to move on from them with a fresh outlook on life and greater understanding of your self.  Some of the techniques I use are talking based, but being aware of how your body and emotions are working together, sometimes we use the body to be able to work through some of the trauma that is held there.  Always in a supportive and positive environment.  Contact me if you would like more details or to book an appointment.

Image by Rafael Barquero
Image by Kadir Celep
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