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Other Therapies:
Ear Candling
Bach Flower Remedies


About Ear Candling (Hopi/Thermoauricular)

Quite different from conventional wax candles, a Hopi ear candle is

actually a cotton tube, impregnated with beeswax, honey and

therapeutic oils, that is painlessly inserted into the ear to draw

out impurities, relieve pressure in the head and sinuses, and aid

hearing problems. They do not suck anything out, they do not pull

wax out of your ears, they very gently change the air pressure inside

you ears and skull which makes them very useful for people who

fly, dive or do anything that makes their ears 'pop'.  They can also be useful

after sinus problems or after a heavy cold which has left congestion

in the ears.The candles are made from natural ingredients that include sage,

St John’s wort, camomile and beta-carotene. Otherwise known as thermo-auricular

therapy, the original source of the technique seems to be from medical

ceremonies performed by a native American Indian tribe called the Hopis (meaning ‘peaceful people’).


About Reiki

Reiki has gained increasing popularity over recent years.  It is gentle, non-invasive, and deeply relaxing.


Reiki as practised today was developed in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui and comes from the Japanese words "rei" meaning universal, and "ki" meaning life force.  It involves gentle hand pressure at various points to channel this energy and so stimulate the body's own healing power.  Although known as massage, there is no massaging as such involved.  As reiki is so gentle it is ideal for all; pregnant women, chronically ill and the elderly.  It is also a great stress buster as the treatment creates a state of deep relaxation.


During a reiki treatment, you remain fully clothed but remove your shoes.  You are made as comfortable as possible and covered with a blanket to prevent you becoming chilled.  All you have to do is close your eyes and relax.


For today only, do not anger, do not worry - Be humble - Be honest in your work - Be compassionate to yourself and others.

Dr Mikao Usui

About Bach Flower Remedies

Most people are now familiar with Bach’s Rescue Remedy, great for shock and anxiety attacks.  Dr Bach’s other flower remedies have much more to offer. After training first as a medical doctor, then as a homeopath, Dr Edward Bach developed his Flower Remedies in the 1930’s as a simpler alternative to the complexities of homeopathy.  He believed that all disease stemmed from emotional imbalance and discovered that certain flowers and other plants could correct these imbalances.  He found that particular flowers and plants could have a direct effect on his own state of mind and after careful research developed remedies that can help with fear, depression, anxiety, indecision, guilt and exhaustion, among others.His system of 38 remedies can be combined in various ways to produce a specific blend for each individual.  This is then made up into a treatment bottle after a full consultation that lasts around an hour.  The remedy can then be taken as required, at least four times a day, more often if required.  This can be particularly useful when going through times of emotional trauma and change, such as divorce, bereavement, a new baby, moving house, changing schools, exam nerves, etc.  Bach flower remedies work well alongside homeopathy and all other complementary and conventional treatments.One of the advantages of Dr Bach’s system is that it is easy to learn and thus be able to prescribe for yourself, friends and family.


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