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About Neurodevelopment

Neurodevelopment may offer a solution to many of the learning and behavioural challenges faced by our children. If brain development is disrupted or primitive reflexes (such as the moro or startle reflex) remain unintegrated children may have problems with reading, eye tracking and writing causing conditions such as dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia, they may have problems with balance and coordination causing problems such as dyspraxia. In some cases, impulse control may cause issues that would recieve a diagnosis such as ADD and ADHD.


Neurodevelopment can also help with processing conditions such as autism and aspergers, sensory processing disorder, global delay, tics, OCD, anxiety and selective mutism. It can help improve processing in chromosonal conditions such as Downs Syndrome.


Children do not need a formal diagnosis in order to benefit from a neurodevelopment program.


The process involves a diagnostic screening which is straightforward and fun but quite tiring as we are checking on how the brain is functioning. Consequently I only ever do screenings in the morning.  Once we have established where there is an issue, we establish a personalised and targeted set of whole body exercises which enable reflexes to integrate and brain development to progress. There are a number of different neurodevelopment systems I can draw from including



Family Hope Centre



Neurodevelopment can be supported with homeopathy and FRT foot massage 


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